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With more then 50 years of experience,

Ralph Kottke and Sons Landscaping, Inc. will apply the most professional customer care for all of the services we provide. We offer quick response times, outstanding designs accompanied with accurate and courteous job site management to insure only the highest quality work is being done.All at a lower cost to you than you may be used to.

From landscape restorations to complete landscape design and installation Ralph Kottke and Sons Landscaping is here to carry out your landscape needs.  For more information visit landscape construction. After your landscape project is complete, our maintenance division can create a custom plan tailored to your properties needs.


We offer a full range of services including lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, shrub, tree & perennial pruning. For more information visit landscape maintenance.


When it comes to winter care, if you’re looking for four month of outstanding snow and ice control , Ralph Kottke and Sons Landscaping can offer a  comprehensive plan . We also offer a twelve month plan that also covers your property’s landscape maintenance. A twelve month plan can assist you with keeping expenses manageable by having less contractors on your property. With this contract you will have one company to contact for all landscape and maintenance needs. This will assist to minimise damage to the landscape during snow and ice care. For more information see Snow & ice management.

Whatever your needs are, they will be met with enthusiasm and professionalism. We look forward to satisfying you in the future.

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prairie restoration

Existing turf grass is treated to make way for a controled burn.

A burn is done to give a erosion free seed bed.

First year growth of prairie.

Creating natural prairies with walking paths is a passion of ours.  

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