Snow & Ice Management

Imagine the amount of snow we've plowed in 50 years! Snow plowing parking lots and sidewalks with a zero tolerance policy for large office complexes, apartment complex, municipalities and multible locations for management groups.

Our snow & ice management service starts November 30th thru April 1st, depending on the site, a manger is assigned who is familiar with the property and its needs. For a twelve month plan we can join your landscape maintenance with snow and ice management


Included in Commercial Snow & Ice Management Service

  • Plowing of lots
  • Clearing of walks by hand or with atv's
  • Deicing of lots
  • Deicing walks
  • 24 hour weather watch
  • Site manager


Additional services

Ralph Kottke and Sons Landscaping, Inc. is a full service landscape contractor located in Barrington, Il..

  • Bucketing and hauling of snow
  • Installing of silt fencing to protect plants and lawn.
  • Installing of curb and driveway markers
  • Pruning and trimming of winter damage of trees and plant material
  • Seasonal lighting
  • Fertilizing programs to protect lawn from salt damage
  • Shrub and tree replacement

For more info on landscaping visit landscape construction

Residential Snow Removal Service

To this day, were still plowing residential driveways and provide sidewalk shoveling with calcium chloride with the same care since 1957 to the residence of Barrington.

Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce